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Easy shopping: how to buy Dash


Over the past few years, a new wave of technology has slowly but surely invaded the field of technology and finance. And the reason you and I are here today is because we are monitoring this technology.

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one of the most popular trends in many industries today, with big names like Microsoft and Alibaba investing in it.

In the midst of all this madness is a room called Dash.

Here’s what the Dash team has to say about their digital assets:

Dash has only been around for a few years (since 2014) and has already made a name for itself among crypto giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

At the start of 2017, the coin was trading at just $ 10, but to date the coin’s price ranges between $ 180 and $ 182 on various exchanges across the world.

That’s an increase of about 1,800% in less than two years – a record, I must say.

In this article, we’ll explain how to buy Dash, the methods you can use to buy it, and the reasons why we think you might want to invest in this coin.

I’m going to start by asking you why should you invest in this digital asset because otherwise you have no reason to read, right?

So let’s go !

Why invest in Dash?

Source via Dash.org

Being a decentralized digital currency, Dash can be used anywhere in the world except for a few countries which do not support crypto activities.

Dash has a feature called Private-Send – now what the feature does is shuffle coins through what’s called the master node to make sure that no particular transaction can be traced back to a source or a particular destination. This not only improves the privacy of user data, but also the security of transactions.

In addition, the coin platform has a feature known as instant send – which allows transactions to be confirmed in seconds, thus eliminating the problem of double spending, which has become a nightmare for one. number of crypto users.

All transactions made on the Dash platform are highly secure thanks to the team efforts of many miners hosting thousands of servers across the world.

Put simply, with Dash, you can enjoy the privacy and fast transaction speeds that fiat users enjoy.

Now you have a reason to move on to the next part of this guide on how to buy a Dash, right?

That’s what I thought!

So, how do you buy Dash Coins? Here’s how:

How to buy Dash

Step 1 – Get a wallet

A wallet is needed to support your cryptocurrency journey.

And if you have no idea what cryptocurrency wallets or the different types to choose from, don’t worry, here’s a quick guide for you:

Basically, there are several types of cryptocurrency wallets, but the most recommended are hardware wallets. This is because hardware wallets allow you to store your money offline, preventing you from losing it to hackers or computer failures.

Step # 2 – Buy your Dash coins

For most new investors in cryptocurrency, this is still a daunting task, especially if they have heard of a misfortune that has happened to many novice adventurers who had little or no knowledge about trade. But regardless, this process is actually not as complicated as many new users imagine.

It is essential that you know exactly where to buy Dash.

Let’s explore some popular options on how to buy Dash Coin, as well as where to buy it.

Credit / Debit Card Purchases

eToro – If your goal of buying cryptocurrency is purely speculative, then this platform is for you. It allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies. The platform does not allow users to physically access coins, nor send them to other users, making them trustworthy for speculative purposes.

BitPanda – This platform allows you to buy Dash coins using options other than buying cards. The only downside to the platform is that it is only available to users in Europe.

Purchases by bank transfer

AnyCoinDirect – This platform allows users to purchase Dash directly using SEPA transfers, as long as the user is in Europe. It is one of the most popular exchanges in Europe and relatively affordable when it comes to transaction fees. Purchased parts are usually received within two days.

Kraken – Kraken is a well-known exchange that has a good relationship with most cryptocurrency users. The platform allows users to fund their accounts using fiat currencies via wire transfer and the funds can then be used to purchase your coins.

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